About Mind Blank

Innovation of mental health & wellness education

We are creatively committed to mental health education with mindfulness and integrity.

About Mind Blank

Mind Blank is a not-for-profit organisation that generates awareness and innovative education of mental health topics in youth across Australia.

What to know more? Check out our latest Annual Report Mind-Blank-Annual-Report-2015-16.pdf 


Why Mental Health?

Mental illness is thought to be an underlying factor in about 90% of all youth suicides, which is the leading cause of youth death in Australia. The Australian Bureau of Statistics stated between 2004-2006 there was an average of 266 deaths per year attributed to suicide among people aged 15-24 years, accounting for 20% of deaths in this age group. One of the defining factors for better mental health outcomes for youth is to encourage them to seek help early. The stigma of mental illness held by young people and a lack of awareness can both be barriers to early intervention. Our communities need to look at taking a different approach when educating and engaging young people around topics of youth mental health. We need to take responsibility and educate ourselves and our young people to be more aware of mental health issues, seek help early and continue to reduce the numbers of young people that die by suicide! Mind Blank helps produce a more creative outlet as a solution to this problem.


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Our Vision

Mind Blank is recognised Australia wide for mental health awareness & education through delivering innovative programs in schools, communities, and workplaces. We advocate a holistic and balanced approach through strategic partnerships and collaborations.


We Aim To:

  Roll Mind Blank programs out Australia wide. We will start by focusing on self-sustaining the model in the NSW state commencing with the areas highlighted in our upcoming events.


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Our Programs

Our Programs: 

To Date Mind Blank has hosted over 100 programs to over 20,000 young people across Australia. 

Want to know more about what we have to offer? Please click on the appropriate link: 

Mind Blank for Schools https://www.mindblank.org.au/mind-blank-for-schools

Partnerships and Collaborations https://www.mindblank.org.au/partnerships-and-collaborations

Cultural Collaborations https://www.mindblank.org.au/mind-blank-cultural-collaborations

Leadership Conferences and Youth Mental Health Forums https://www.mindblank.org.au/leadership-conferences-and-youth-mental-health-forums

Transitioning to the Work Place https://www.mindblank.org.au/transition-to-work

Speaking Opportunities https://www.mindblank.org.au/speaking-opportunities  


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  • Voices in Action Conference


    Voices in Action Conference

    10 Aug 2017 Voices in Action Conference

    The theme for the 2017 CREATE Foundation Conference is all about creating positive change to improve the lives of children and young people in care. The Conference will be held at the newly built International Convention Centre, Sydney from the 10th to 12th August 2017 and is open to all children and young people with a care experience in Australia. The Conference will also be open to and appealing to carers, government officials and those working in the sector.

    Proudly hosted by CREATE Foundation, the national consumer body representing the voices of children and young people in out-of-home care. CREATE provides programs and services to create a better life for children and young people with a statutory care experience.

    The overall purpose of Voices in Action: empowering young people for positive change is to provide an international forum for young people with a care experience to learn and grow, build self-confidence, and to connect with their peers and those working within the system. The collective aim is to enhance community awareness and to reduce the stigma associated with children and young people with a care experience and to provide them with an avenue to feel empowered, informed, and to have a say and be heard.

    The Conference is an opportunity for children and young people to have a say in the system designed to protect and support them, and engage with key decision makers in child protection.


  • 2017 National Suicide Prevention Conference


    2017 National Suicide Prevention Conference

    26 Jul 2017 2017 National Suicide Prevention Conference

    We are delighted to confirm that the 2017 conference will be held at the Sofitel Brisbane Central, Queensland, 26 – 29 July 2017. The theme Relationships, resilience and respect: Responding to vulnerability in life will be designed to bring to the fore these thematic issues in suicide prevention and how they may help or hinder implementation of initiatives at the community level.

    Presentation Information

    Title Mind Blank & TEAMhealth Providing Culturally Appropriate and Engaging Mental Health Activities to Youths Across the Top End of Australia
  • Mind Blank @ Brisbane Careers and Employment Expo


    Mind Blank @ Brisbane Careers and Employment Expo

    02 Jun 2017 Mind Blank @ Brisbane Careers and Employment Expo

    Mind Blank will be featured at Brisbane Careers and Employment Expo. This event is an opportunity for students, job seekers and  career advisers to connect with organisations for guidance.   

  • Yarra Ranges Youth Summit 2017

    Yarra Ranges Youth Summit 2017

    29 May 2017 Yarra Ranges Youth Summit 2017




    14 May 2017 Bunnings BBQ WOLLONGONG

    Grab some snags at  Wollongong Bunnings to help the work of Mind Blank! See you there! 

  • South West Connect Youth Mental Health Conference


    South West Connect Youth Mental Health Conference

    03 May 2017 South West Connect Youth Mental Health Conference


    South West Connect (SWC) are facilitating a partnership between various community organisations with a focus on mental health entitled the Mental Health Alliance Partnership.  

    The Alliance plan to hold a Youth Mental Health Summit which aims to provide young people with the skills to identify mental health issues, the knowledge of the resources available and to assist in ultimately removing the negative stigma attached to the issue. This forum is based on a successful model that has run in other regions throughout NSW.

    The Youth Mental Health Summit will feature:

    • Workshops, Exhibitions and an engaging keynote presentation on topics such as Identity, Stress and Anxiety management, Trauma, Domestic Violence and more.

    • Selected schools will share their successes and challenges in reducing stigma and improving mental wellness in a showcase segment.

    • Chance to engage and identify Mental Health and Resilience based workshops offered by local service providers

    In collaboration with:

    • Liverpool City Council
    • Fairfield City Council
    • headspace Liverpool
    • Transcultural Mental Health Centre
    • Western Sydney University - National Disability
    Coordination Officer Programme
    • Good Shepherd Australia & New Zealand
    • Community First Step
    • Youth Off The Streets
    • FLYHT (Fairfield Liverpool Youth Health Team)
    • Woodville Alliance
    • Mission Australia
    • NSW Health COPMI (Children of Parents with a Mental Illness)
    • Youth Action - OUTBURST! Friend2Friend program

  • Blog Spot - Leading a New Generation part 4


    Blog Spot - Leading a New Generation part 4

    24 Apr 2017 Blog Spot - Leading a New Generation part 4


    Asking for help. Why is it so hard?

    It takes a lot of courage to ask for help sometimes. There are so many stigmas about what will happen if you admit that you aren’t doing well. Here are some stigmas that I’ve heard of that have acted as a barrier for young people to get help:

    • To ask for help you will see how bad I am going
    • It is humiliating
    • I don’t know how
    • I don’t want to talk to a stranger about my troubles
    • It is private and I don’t want you to know how badly I am struggling
    • I am scared
    • It makes me feel too vulnerable
    • It hurts too much

    To seek help is a necessity. It is a powerful tool to get support and understand what’s really going on. Stigma with mental health is real.  Help educate yourself and others by researching truths and myths about mental health (Sane.com, 2016)[2].  It shouldn’t take long to realise that mental health can affect anyone.

    Seeking help from the right person can impact on an individual’s self-esteem.  If the first person they turn to for help lets them down, you have to keep looking until you find someone else who can help. It critical to never, never, never, give up. Things do get better. 

    Here is a short story from a young girl who desperately needed help:

    “I remember speaking to the social worker. I told her that I was suicidal and she told me that I was making it up. My step mum didn’t believe me either she told me to stop attention seeking and grow up already.

    …Later that day I was submitted to the hospital. I had attempted suicide 13 times that night. The doctors later explained that I had bipolar. They thanked me for not giving up.”


    What are the best pathways for a young person to seek help?

    1)    At home

    A young person may open up to you at home. If you think they need help the first point of call would be to go to your local GP. There are free counselling services that the GP can connect your young person to.

    2)    At school

    Most schools have school counsellors and welfare teams in charge of student’s health and wellbeing. If you connect with the school any teacher should be able to guide you with what services they can provide.

    3)    Online Help

    reachout.com and  beyondblue.org.au provide some great online tools for young people

    4)    Telephone services

    Here are some recommended help lines for young people

    Lifeline (24 / 7): 13 11 14

    Kids Helpline: 1800 18 7263

    5)    Headspace

    Headspace is a National Youth Mental Health service provider that is usually open 9am-5pm most days. To find your nearest location go to headspace.org.au

    6)    Finding other service providers

    Wesley Mission has developed a responsive website to provide fast and reliable access to suicide prevention and crisis support contact numbers from any location in Australia. Find services with the Wesley LifeForce Service Finder.

  • Bunnings BBQ GUNGAHLIN


    Bunnings BBQ GUNGAHLIN

    22 Apr 2017 Bunnings BBQ GUNGAHLIN

    Mind Blank is a not-for-profit organisation that generates awareness and innovative education of mental health topics in youth across Australia.  We are creatively committed to mental health education with mindfulness and integrity.

    Our vision is to be recognised Australia wide for mental health awareness & education through delivering innovative programs in schools, communities, and workplaces. We advocate a holistic and balanced approach through strategic partnerships and collaborations.

    Our team builds confidence in young people from all walks of life and empowers them to seek help in a time of need.  To date Mind Blank have hosted more than 100 forum theatre workshops around Australia. We have directly impacted over 20,000 young people on mental health and wellbeing topics. 

    Like what we do? Why not donate to a great cause? Come join us at Gungalin Bunnings for Mind Blank BBQ! Get some snags and cold drinks to support our work advocating for youth mental health. Help us raise some funds to continue educating students about mental health issues in your area! Any donation above $2.00 can be used as a tax deduction. 

    Did you know? That suicide is the leading cause of death is in people aged 15-24 year. Reference: Australian Bureau Statistics

    Mind Blank exists because we believe that no one needs to suffer in silence! 



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Our Fans

Some of our testimonials

As a psychologist with over 15 years’ experience working with vulnerable youth populations, it is my opinion that the Mind Blank theatre forum topics have the potential to open up informed discussions around youth mental health issues in a way that is meaningful, engaging and real for the young people involved, and these are vital ingredients for working effectively with young people.

Tim Hudman

Youth Mental Health Psychologist

I was introduced to Mind Blank via a performance at Wollongong University. They performed to a student group of about 300 high school students. You could hear a pin drop- they had everyone’s attention, (including my own) in the palm of their hands. It truly was the highlight of the action packed day. In my 13 years as a PDHPE teacher, I have never seen mental health be brought the forefront with such enjoyment, fun and interaction. Their ability to engage students into this taboo topic is brilliant and the ability to keep the conversation going-that is the successful component of Mindblank. I can’t recommend this enough. Students will love it, teachers will appreciate the unique approach it takes to mental health and everyone will benefit from this much needed creative production.

Sharna Dawson

Lake Illawarra Careers Advisor

I thank you for inspiring to face the demons of my past… I consider myself to be a survivor of the battlefield of depression and victor, I look back on things passed and realize I have changed for the better and have come so far and syllable have a long way to go…. Thank you… I’m truly truly grateful to have witnessed Mind Blank at our school”

Young Person


Raising the awareness of positive life decisions when faced with mental health issues. This has been achieved by not lecturing but allowing students to make these powerful decisions themselves through interactive theatre arming them with the skills and knowledge to know when to seek help.

I quote from Warrawong High school principal Jenny Flowers “It was great! Some of our most challenging year 12 students stopped me in the playground and thanked me for bringing Mind Bank to the school, we all learned so much.

Cathy McGhie

Team Leader Student Employment Advisor (Workplace Learning Illawarra)

Tackling youth mental health issues in our community is an ever increasing concern among parents, teachers, and the broader community, largely due to rising rates of bullying, depression, youth suicide and the growing demand on support services such as Headspace.

As a former PDHPE teacher, I understand the critical importance of education to the understanding and addressing of mental health issues in young people, as well as how difficult this can be.

Mind Blank’s programs give young people an in-depth understanding of not only symptoms of mental health issues, but also strategies to positively seek help and prevent harm.  As teachers working closely with students on these issues, I would like to take this opportunity to endorse Mind Blanks work and I encourage you to come along and see how the Scuba Initiative may benefit your students.

Ryan Park

MP Member for Keira

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Our Team


Mind Blank is a health promotion charity, ABN 18 168 485 176, working along side service providers and local health districts. 

We are registered as being a Deductible Gift Recipient by the Australian Charities Not-for-Profit Commission.  

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There are many ways you can help Mind Blank. Some ideas include in-kind support offers, monthly sponsorship packages, organising a fundraiser or even one off donations. We welcome your ideas and support to continue our growth and professionalization. 

Any donation above $2.00 can be used as a tax deduction.


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Key information you need to know prior to booking a Mind Blank Performance:

  • Mind Blank is Sydney and Canberra (ACT) based, therefore
  • Performances booked outside of the Sydney/Canberra CBD, rural areas or interstate, travel costs are to be expected.
  • Performance costs: Package deals available if booking more than one performance on the same day.
  • Our performances are 1hr in duration
  • Max audience size 200

Please note: during all performances we recommend that microphones are provided to the cast. A venue with a speaker is sufficient to plug microphones into, this can in turn increase the quality of our product delivery.

For direct contact re enquiry/booking a Mind Blank performance call on 0468 912 399



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contact us on 0468 912 399.

For direct contact re enquiry/booking a Mind Blank performance go to:  https://www.mindblank.org.au/bookings

Creative team

Please Note:

  •  Mind Blank is a health promotion charity and we are not a Mental Health service provider. If you need immediate help or information on existing services please go to http://www.mindblank.org.au/helpinfo/


  • Volunteering for Mind Blank: all current volunteering roles will be advertised though http://www.mindblank.org.au/whats-happening. There are two ongoing positions that we are always searching for (information below), if either type of volunteering involvement interests you please enquire within.   
  1. Our marketing team is always looking for assisting with generating more content for our website and social media blogs.
  2. Fundraisers are needed to help at fundraising events such as market stalls, high teas, recruitment drives, quiz nights, auctions and sausage sizzles.  The best part is YOU CHOOSE what when and how you would like to fundraise for us!

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